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World Class Facilities

FFPS’s DNV-approved workshop at the Australian Marine Complex in Henderson, Western Australia, is a highly versatile facility, purpose-built to undertake any kind of repair, maintenance, testing or fabrication task. The workshop provides easy access for mobile cranes and large trucks, as well as being equipped with an integrated 10 tonne gantry crane. And our NATA Accreditation gives us certification expertise for testing within the scope of our accreditation.

We are experts in propulsion systems with proven Defence experience, and our technicians are Brunvoll trained specialists in Brunvoll propulsion systems, marine diesel engines, and cooling systems. Our small, highly skilled team of Brunvoll technicians offers short turn-around on emergency dockings, and complete project management on repairs, rebuilds, installations, and testing, providing delivery on time, and minimising sailing delays.

We have everything you need to keep your Brunvoll systems in top shape – genuine spare parts and expert technicians to do the work.

Experts in Propulsion Systems

Our propulsion activities encompass servicing, repairing, refurbishing and replacing propulsion and
positioning systems, and are underpinned by our exclusive partnership with Brunvoll Propulsion and Thruster Systems in Australian and New Zealand.

Brunvoll Medium Speed CPP & Gearbox Propulsion System

Our Propulsion Competencies

Our scope of works spans the full length of a vessel’s main propulsion system. Beginning with the engine,
we service turbochargers, clutches, gear boxes, drive shafts, drive couplings, bearings, seals, propellers,
and rudders. We also specialise in fitting and servicing tunnel or azimuth thruster manoeuvring systems with fixed or controllable pitch propellers.

Brunvoll  Tunnel Thruster 

Brunvoll Controllable Pitch -Propeller System

Our Propulsion Capabilities

Our propulsion capabilities mean we are able to undertake major engine, gear box and slewing gear;

  • Services
  • Overhauls
  • Reconditioning
  • Replacement

As well as;

  • Drive shaft and coupling inspection and rehabilitation
  • Bearing re-metaling and machining
  • Seal removal, refurbishment, and reinstallation
  • Propeller and rudder repair and renovation

Through our Brunvoll relationship, we can supply parts and conduct scheduled, class services in accordance with the manufacturers’ recommendations.

Depending on the specific requirements of a project, we are able to provide our propulsion services on- vessel, in the shipyard or at our workshop.

Brunvoll Single-in Single-out propulsion system with clutch + PTO type SA without clutch

Expertly Servicing a Wide Range of Gear

While subsystem support is an integral part of FFE’s broader propulsion services, the knowledge and experience of our in-house team of tradespeople and technicians is also available independently for preventative maintenance or breakdown repairs of engine room auxiliary equipment.

FIFI Pump Repairs and Refurbishment

FIFI Pump Repairs and Refurbishment

FIFI Pump Installation

FIFI Pump Installation

Our Subsystems Competencies

Our subsystems team deals with:

  • Fuel systems including injectors, pumps, and tanks
  • Cooling & heating systems including pumps, valves, pipework, boilers, heat exchangers and condensers
  • Lubrication systems including pumps, filters & separators, and generators, compressors & turbochargers

We offer inspection, testing, diagnostic and reporting services; providing recommendations for repairs or remediation for any identified problems, and undertaking works on a ‘fixed-price’ or ‘do-and-charge’ basis.

Our Subsystems Capabilities

Tasks range from minor servicing of static and rotating machinery and equipment to full plant overhaul and change-out.

Our mechanical, fabrication and fitting capabilities include;

  • Pulling down and rebuilding engines, compressors and generators
  • Altering and re-manufacturing pipework
  • Re-balancing shafts and rotors
  • Retubing and reconnecting heat exchangers and condensers
  • Repairing and refurbishing hard and resilient mounts and hangers

Our electrical and digital-control skills apply to instrumentation, controls, motors, and actuators.
FFPS also maintains and services replenishment at sea (RAS) and fueling at sea (FAS) systems and rigs.

Brunvoll Reduction Gear Boxes


While the core of our maritime rigging operations is based on our contracts with the Australian Department of Defence at both Garden Island (HMAS Stirling) and the Henderson Common Use Facility (CUF), our expertise is also available to merchant, commercial, and private vessels.

Our Rigging Competencies

FFPS rigging services encompass a wide range of maritime elements, including flight deck nets for aircraft; lifting and restraint equipment for weapons handling; safety handrails, guards, and barriers; as well as bollards, load points, hooks, eye pads, slings, wire rope, synthetic webbing, chains and fittings for lifting, staying, tensioning, securing and materials handling.

Our Rigging Capabilities

Our services include supplying, fitting, repairing, refurbishing, replacing, testing and certifying rigging systems, equipment, and components; all strengthened by our NATA testing certification.


More than 100 years of Working with Metal

Our business began over 100 years ago as a foundry and general engineering company, and we still provide expert skills in working metal. We provide ongoing services to many long-standing customers, as well as one-off made-to-order projects

Our Welding and Fabrication Competencies

FFPS work in steel, stainless steel, copper-nickel and aluminium. Our maritime fabrication focuses on repairs and modifications to ship hulls, cranes, ladders, and other ship-based or wharf-based elements. We also fabricate and repair equipment for the oil and gas, mining, hospital, transport and manufacturing sectors.

Our Welding and Fabrication Capabilities

Beyond our maritime activities, FFPS is able to take on any light to medium fabrication project, including manufacturing, refurbishing or repairing boilers, economisers, pressure vessels, heat exchangers and condensers.


Specialists in Proof Load Testing

FFPS is NATA Accredited for Proof Load testing of load-bearing structures and rigging setups, under ISO 17025 – General Requirements for the Competence of Testing.

Our NATA accreditation allows us to conduct Proof Load testing to evaluate load handling of equipment that includes rigging and tensioning systems, guard rails, anchors, ladders, platforms, scaffoldings and lifting devices (including jacks) under load forces between 2.5kN to 500kN, depending on the product / equipment.

All our test rigs are calibrated to the requirements of our NATA SoA.

Load Testing

In addition to Proof Load testing, our SoA also covers evaluation of mechanical performance of Pressure Plants, Pipelines and equipment such as Hose and Hose Assemblies; Pressure Fittings, and Relief Valves.

All testing that is conducted in accordance with our Scope of Accreditation (SoA) is certified and traceable under NATA requirements and can be carried out onsite, or at our NATA approved testing facility in Henderson WA.

Bollard Pull Testing

Bollard Pull Testing

Pressure Testing

Pressure Testing

Trusted Partners

FFE is a trusted partner of some of the world’s most respected global operators within the commercial and defence maritime industries. Our expertise in the maintenance of propulsion and positioning systems in sea vessels has positioned us as the sole agent in Australia and New Zealand for Brunvoll NO. FFE also partner with AU Defence prime contractors such as BAE and NSM in providing maintenance services and repairs for navy vessels. If you are looking for a partner to support your work within the maritime maintenance industry get in touch and let us know how we can help. Here are just some of our partners …